Two Day Pre- and Post-Processing Course 17-18 March 2020




Two Day Pre- and Post-Processing Course

  • After this class you will have a working knowledge of both CO2 and Ethanol extraction theory and practice and be able to use density to fraction oil into various components.


  • You will be comfortable with winterization, filtration, and solvent recovery while learning how to make full-spectrum terpene rich oil devoid of waxes and lipids.


  • You will be able to understand the principles and practices of distillation theory and learn how to use short-path distillation to distill oils. You will learn how fractionate in distillation.


  • You will learn the theory and practice in THC remediation and isomerization.

Registration costs: 

  • This class is $1,000 for a two-days of classroom and laboratory demonstrations.
  • BONUS: Add a third day for $450.00 to work in the Avila Herbals laboratory with our equipment to get more hands-on work in distillation and remediation.

What you get:

  • Two full days (9am – 3pm classroom and 3pm – 5pm laboratory demonstrations)
  • PPE (glasses, gloves, and respirators when needed)
  • Course handout and references
  • We will have continental breakfast, drinks, and lunch available both days as part of the registration costs