Quality Systems in the Cannabis Industry Course 21-22 April 2020




COURSE 3:  Quality Systems in the Cannabis Industry

  • After this class you will have a working knowledge of the requirements to create a Quality Manual and the requirements to follow 21 CFR 111.  (MMRs) and how to do Quality Control (QC) on your manufacturing processes.  You will learn how to do efficiency and yield calculations.


  • We will go through HAACP requirements and provide information on the requirements for a commercial kitchen, which would be required by VDACS to manufacture cannabis-containing products.


  • We will teach you vendor qualification, receiving, quarantine, and other aspects of the QSR required for Cannabis.


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Registration costs: 

  • This class is $1,250 for a two-days of classroom and manufacturing demonstrations.


What you get:

  • Two full days (9am – 5pm classroom)
  • Course handout and references
  • We will have continental breakfast, drinks, and lunch available both days as part of the registration costs